Friday, 28 October 2011


Hello to my ONE follower, my very own BFFL Muliphen (and any other unfortuante Extraordinaire reading this drabble).

Once again, hello. So now that I've done the 'Welcome' post, I'm going to talk about my friend, Muliphen, and her blog, For The Love of All Things Magical and Yellow, (link I may or may not have mentioned my friend Muliphen and her blog Muliphen's Maruaders... okay, well SCRATCH THAT, her blog is actually the aforementioned (too long for me to retype it). I repeat, Muliphen's Maruaders is a NO GO.

Okay so now that I've cleared that up I guess I'll just discuss what was mentioned in Muliphen's (by the way, NOT her real name), blog.

Firstly, as I said previously, this blog will be based around random stuff we (myself, Muliphen and Willow) do as well as frequent Harry Potter references (who gets the title of Muliphen's blog???). There are also things I love but didn't consider to mention that will most probably appear on this blog... okay, what first???

Let's start with music... I love music. Some of my tastes are weird and childish and old but whatever... I'm weird. Like for instance, I am currently listening to Take It Off by Ke$ha (best song) singing along and typing... but my next song could be Goin' Back To Hogwarts by the APVM cast (if you don't know AVPM then you probably won't get my blog- AVPM is my current obsession)... so, there could be random music quotes everywhere... mainly containing quotes from old songs like Hannah Montana or 80s music... just warning you.

Okay, quotes... I am an avid reader (and writer) and I love movies and tv shows (especially 80s), so a variety of quotes could pop up from time to time. If you get most of them... you're my hero! Again, just warning you... you could be reading and suddenly read "Don't mess with the bull young man, you'll get the horns!" Because I'm feeling nice, I'll tell you that that's from the Breakfast Club, said by the Vice Principal (whose name isn't important even though he's one of the seven members of the cast).

Oh and finally, Outcasts... okay so I'll let you Extraordinaires in on a little secret. So, as the big Harry Potter fans we are, we (me, Muliphen and Willow), last year when we should have been studying for our SnE exam (and other exams) we decided to rewrite Harry Potter as a Drarry tale... then we had the sheer genius (brilliant really) idea to change all of the characters names and put OURSELVES into the story. After that the ideas came flowing and what do you know? the story is no longer recognisable as Harry Potter. So this little project is something we've been working on (on and off) for about a year and we have three chapters... that need to be re-edited once we do the planning we should have done initially (my brilliant idea to sit down and plan). So once we actually have something solid, we will eventually post it on FictionPress... (with a little note on the story's original orgins) and not on FanFiction because it is no longer Harry Potter... so anyway, any weird references are probably from there... and I'll let you in on another, that's where the term 'Extraordinaire' comes from and where we first picked the names Aria, Muliphen and Willow (and that's a funny story for later). Anyway, that's enough on Outcasts...

Now, for Muliphen herself. Okay so Muliphen is my best friend of nearly 11 years... she is an amazingly awesome person and she can actually put up with my weirdness so she's got that going for her. Anyway, Muliphen is actually an amazing guitar player and a massive Taylor Swift fan (like crazy big). She also worships most of the same book series I worship (Harry Potter, Vampire Academy and probably others but they're the main two) so she's pretty awesome. OH and her sister's born on my birthday which is just creepy cool. So anyway, enough rambling. Basically I'm saying Mully (Oh my God new nickname *girly scream*) <--- (because in case you haven't noticed, I'm a girl) is awesome and if you're gonna check out ANY blog, it should be hers.

Randomly, has my writing style changed overnight? I feel it has. This happens A LOT. Yeah... it's annoying at school. Hmm... oh well. Oh and speaking of writing hands up if you're a massive FanFiction fan??? That's two... oh wait, they're both mine... oops :) speaking of, I should probably go update my FanFic... hmm... now to get into a writing mood... maybe after my English assignment... I should probably put school first...

... I'm rambling again aren't I... sorry. I'll stop.

I actually think that's it... for now I will bid you adeiu (is that how you spell it). Anyway, feel free to check out Muliphen's blog (link above).

I'm going to "make like tree and go" now :P

Aria out.

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  1. 'It's make like a tree and LEAVE, Dumba***!'

    LOL, I totally get the whole writing style thing, when I type it's all just like 'whoo, this is totally not how I talk, but WHATEVER!' Haha I think you read my blog, your writing style strangely represents mine... sorry. :P

    ILY BIFFLE LOLOL BUBIEEZZZ XOXOXOX LOL jokes I refuse to talk like that. Love you too, bro :)Tuh, now I have to put a post on MY blog about you...